Since the release of the current gen consoles, the one thing that has plagued most gamers is whether or not to get an Xbox One or PlayStation 4. One modder has decided to solve this conundrum with the XStation, a console that combines the best of both worlds.

The XStation was created by modder Eddie Zarick, who also designed the PlayStation 4 Laptop. The aptly named console combines a PlayStation 4 Slim and a Xbox One into a single gaming console. The console uses parts from both of the slim versions of the PS4 and Xbox One consoles which aided him in keeping the build size surprisingly compact.  The use of one HDMI port makes switching between the two console modes as easy as pressing one button, with a two LED’s indicating which mode the console is currently in (blue for PS4 and green for XBox One).

Zarick has confirmed that the project was born out of curiosity and that the console will not be mass produced. Below is a video showcasing the wonder that is the XStation.