Sony has released an updated version of the PlayStation 4 Pro without bothering to announce it, reports Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry.

This new model runs a few decibels quieter than a previously updated version Sony released in 2017, which itself ran a few decibels quieter than the original 2016 model.

In testing the new model while playing God of War, Digital Foundry measured a two or three-decibel reduction (depending on whether measuring from the top or rear of the console) from last year’s model. That makes for a six-to-seven-decibel noise reduction from the launch model.

The reduction apparently comes from a new type of power supply. This new supply uses the standard figure-eight-style input that’s also used in the PlayStation 4 Slim, Xbox One, and Xbox One X. Older PlayStation 4 Pros used a three-prong connector for their power supplies.

Microsoft’s Xbox One X is still said to run quieter than this new PlayStation 4 Pro model, but Sony is tightening the gap. Digital Foundry was even willing to dub the new Pro model “a discreet living room console.”

Consumers can identify the new version by looking at the front of the packaging for the CUH-7200 model number before buying. Last year’s updated PS4 Pros have CUH-7100 printed on their packaging. In the U.K., at least, Digital Foundry believes CUH-7200s are only being distributed as part of the Red Dead Redemption 2 bundle pack for the time being, but a full rollout is almost certain to follow soon.