The Sony PS5 could arrive this year, potentially in time for Christmas, if rumours are to be believed.

Ace Economic Research Institute says that the PS5 will, indeed, launch later this year or, perhaps, early the year after. Naturally though any new console would need to arrive in time for the holiday season to make the most money initially.

Sony, however, has denied that it will launch the PS5 this year, claiming in the Wall Street Journal that the console wouldn’t arrive until 2021.

It’s natural for Sony to downplay a new console though, as admitting a new one is imminent could have a devastating impact on sales of the PS4 .

There will, on the other hand, be the desire not to allow Microsoft to release the Xbox Two before the PS5.

Sony has, however, admitted that the PS4 is coming to the end of its life. But don’t panic there will be new games for years to come and there are some 1887 titles available for the console already, or coming this year.

Sony’s next generation console will of course feature upgraded hardware designed to take graphics and gameplay to the next level.

First released in November 2013 the PS4 has had a number of hardware updates in its five year lifespan. The PS4 Slim made the console a lot more compact with some minor hardware updates.

The company also released the PS4 Pro in November 2016 which brought a substantial hardware upgrade that helped support the company’s virtual reality hardware. This update made 4K gaming more practical.