This is a demo from one designer how maybe will look the ps5 startup and user interface.

This is so good demo and look very well and simple to use you can see video below!

The concept was made by Joseph Dumary and it has received over 1.5 million views on YouTube so far. The artist even provided the list of features this console would have, so let’s take a look at them.

The first feature is called Smart Console. The feature would record gamers’ behavior and adapt the console to provide the best experience. This would be done by automatically installing necessary applications and changing controller and game settings.

Air HDMI would allow players to use their console wirelessly without any loss in image quality. The console would also have built-in translation, whether it’s a text or an audio message.

Another interesting feature is Eco Mode this PlayStation would have. This mode would allow the console to consume no electricity in standby mode and when a player is navigating through menus, galleries, or applications. There would be a rechargeable battery which would make this possible, and it would also give players 5 minutes to save their progress in case of short circuit problems.

The best feature of this concept is the improved DualShock controller. The controller has a curved touch screen which allows players to open settings and messages without changing their screen on TV.

There is also a fingerprint scanner with the purpose of saving specific user settings, and the best part of the controller would be its wireless charging.

In short, the controller would charge wirelessly thanks to its permanent connection with the console, meaning that it would always be fully charged and ready for use.