The Internet is the best at roasting other people but in this case, things turned into something amazing. It all started when Reynoldsburg Police posted a photo of a woman accused of stealing expensive gaming consoles from Best Buy at Taylor Square. According to the police, the woman and another man stole an Xbox and PlayStation, although it’s currently unknown what specific models. The photo caught the attention of people for a lot of reasons and it soon went viral. Also, the police were able to identify the suspect.


“This suspect was accompanied by a white male and a white female and stole both Xbox and Play Station game consoles,” officers wrote. “The suspects left in an older rusty silver Honda Civic.”

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The woman with blonde hair, a pink zip-up sweatshirt, blue jeans and fur boots left in “older rusty silver Honda Civic” according to the police.

However, the Internet decided to have some fun and not take things so seriously leaving numerous hilarious comments that are pure gold.

There were a lot of witty comments form users one saying that her next stop should be the Apple store for her to get some “iBrows”

They also edited the photo with hashtags #ThugLife.

Some people even drew shopping carts for all her merchandise.

While other’s asking the real question ” Who stole her eyebrow”?

The Internet can be a cruel place.

With some funny users pointing that the girl can use this picture as her profile photo.

Others were wondering how to the police found a professional picture of the girl.

Source: boredpanda