With the PS5 officially revealed, here are 7 things we think the next console needs to be considered truly next-gen.

It’s been quite the week for Sony as they gave an exclusive to Wired detailing some of the things we can expect from the next generation of PlayStation consoles. While Sony hasn’t confirmed that it will indeed be the PlayStation 5, it would be incredibly strange of them not to stick to the current naming convention. Of course, they could always pull a Microsoft and dub the next one the PlayStation one.

It’s not like that would be confusing at all for poor old Google. Lead Architect Marc Cerny has already revealed some of the new tech and the lofty aspirations of the new console, with mentions of Backwards Compatibility, 8K graphics, compatibility with the existing PlayStation VR headset and more. So now it seems like a good time to pen a little wishlist of what else we want. Because we’re greedy. So, here are 7 things we think the Play5tation should have, which could ensure Sony builds on the incredible success of the PS4.

PlayStation Plus

Obviously PlayStation Plus needs to continue, the game giveaways are absolutely wonderful. However, given that Microsoft has Game Pass, it would be good to see PS Plus revamped to be a bit more than it currently is. For starters, it needs to have PS5 games included each month, but PSVR should probably get a look in too. PSVR is a great bit of tech but it isn’t cheap and people still have their doubts. Maybe giving away a couple of games a month would win some new fanatics over. Additionally, a proper backlog of games included with the service wouldn’t hurt. With the rumoured backwards compatibility it would be cool to have access to a plethora of PS4 games as soon as you have your shiny new console.

Wireless VR

The PS5 will be compatible with PSVR, but that isn’t enough. The fact is that using VR at the moment is akin to cocooning yourself in wires and hoping to emerge unscathed having not accidentally trashed your entire house. Beat Saber is wild. Assuming the tech is really as good as it sounds, having a wireless headset would be a huge boon to PSVR in general. It doesn’t have to be right away, but some kind of indication of a wireless, or a least one with fewer wires, model would be lovely. It really is fantastic to use, so Sony needs to be doing everything they can to convince everyone of it.

Digital backwards compatibility

Backwards compatibility is good, just look at how well it is doing for Microsoft, but if it is only with physical media then it is going to annoy a lot of people. Digital sales are constantly increasing thanks to the ever-increasing storage capacity of modern technology, more frequent sales, and because the outside world is full of hayfever and people. If Sony allows for backwards compatibility it has to be all encompassing because lots of people are going digital as their primary way of owning games. Don’t do us dirty Sony, please.


Maybe it is time for everyone to play nice. You can keep your exclusives – timed or otherwise – but if I happen to have a PS5 and my friend happens to own a Switch then we should be able to get beaten in Fortnite together. As we move forward and the lines between the big companies become more about power and the first-party studios, allowing third-party cross-play should be a no brainer. It would win a lot of favour from avid Sony fans to know they won’t have accounts locked to the console in the event of widespread games like the aforementioned Battle Royale phenomenon.


Please, my PS4 sounds like it is trying to power my entire house every time I boot up a game. The cooling is obviously incredibly important, but there are a fair few quieter ways of doing it. Given all of the tech they are going to squish into the new box, maybe they could invest a little bit in liquid cooling or something else that won’t wake up the neighbours and scare the cats?

Seamless online

Oh PSN, how often are you down? Is it a lot, it feels like a lot. It should be known that plenty of sites have a “PlayStation Network is down” article template pre-written at all times, because much like how the sun rises every morning, PSN doth often go down. There is no point having infinite power in the console itself if your network can’t handle it. Plus, given how many people pay for PS PLus for the privilege of getting annoyed at it periodically throughout the year, you would think they could invest some of that money in better infrastructure.

Easier Upgrades

This is a big one. The PS4 Pro and Xbox One X have both shown that a console generation is likely to have a mid-point that involves having to buy a new console to keep up with the required power to play the best games in the best way. How about, instead of having to buy a console, they just make the PS5 a bit more modular? That way, as tech increases and you can get 10TB hard drives for a tenner, you can just plop it into the console itself? In fact, what if they made it so easy, that we never needed a new console? Upgrading a console every other year with a single part sounds a lot more palatable than having to incest the £500 required to just buy a new console, don’t you think?

[via : dailystar.co.uk]